Case Studies

We provide you with a flexible access to expertise in medical writing, business development consultation and marketing services. Here you can find a few real-life case studies on how we have helped our customers.

You can download our list of selected publications for further reference of the scope of our support to various scientific writing projects here:  Aurexel_Reference articles_220817

Scientific writing services

Situation 1: A drug development project at a pharmaceutical company had generated exiting new preclinical data on a drug candidate. This data needs to be published in a peer-reviewed journal to fully optimize its value for the company’s development program. However, the senior scientist responsible for the project is occupied with other projects and the manuscript needs to be submitted within weeks rather than months.

Aurexel solution: Aurexel collaborated with the customer, received the key data related to the experiment and prepared the manuscript for the customer following Aurexel’s proprietary Medical Writing Process. Aurexel also submitted and handled all correspondence with the editor in behalf of the customer.

Situation 2: A mid-sized biotechnology company had generated large amount of preclinical data during the development of a new compound. As the project’s focus had shifted to clinical development, these reports had become critical to the approval of the company’s IND application and the contents and structure of the reports needed to be flawless to avoid problems in the application process.

Aurexel solution: Aurexel received the customer’s preclinical study reports and reviewed them to ensure that they are FDA-compliant to minimize unnecessary delays and complications in the IND (investigational new drug) application process. Aurexel collaborated with the principal investigators to quickly append incomplete data and provided the customer with reports that were ready for submission.

Inbound Marketing and Scientific Content Marketing

Situation 1: A small company providing research services to pharmaceutical industry wanted to increase its market share and attract new customers. However, the marketing budget in this 10-person company was limited and the company’s past marketing efforts (such as trade shows, newsletter e-blasts and online advertising) had not been successful.
Aurexel solution: Aurexel designed an optimal marketing strategy that relies on inbound marketing techniques, agile use of social media, Google marketing and SEO marketing.  We performed a complete analysis of the customer’s current SEO and social media visibility, as well as a review the customer’s sales and marketing processes. Aurexel then provided the customer with a step-by-step plan to improve its online presence and designed a new content-driven marketing strategy. Finally, we helped the customer to design and execute a search engine optimized inbound marketing campaign, which generated hundreds of leads for the customer’s sales process. All this was done at a fraction of the budget traditionally used for attending a few international trade shows, which typically generate only a handful of actionable leads.

Situation 2: A biotechnology company developing diagnostics solutions to pharmaceutical industry wanted to revise and generate new marketing material for its Sales Department. The company’s customer base is predominantly scientists, and past collaboration with a marketing communications/advertising agency had not worked because the agency did not possess scientific understanding of the subject matter.
Aurexel solution: Aurexel interviewed both the customer but also the end-users of their products to gain an understanding of their pain points. We then leveraged our internal scientific expertise on the customer’s business area to create a set of fact sheets, whitepapers and marketing content that conveyed the benefits of the customer’s technology to the end-users without sacrificing scientific integrity and credibility. This helped Aurexel’s customer to solidify its position as an opinion leader in their market segment. The new marketing material also helped our customer increase the traffic and ranking of their website.

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