TEAM – Anna Huhtinen

Anna Huhtinen, PhD 
Project Manager

Before joining the Aurexel team, Dr. Anna Huhtinen carried out her
doctoral studies at the Department of Pharmacology, Drug Development and
Therapeutics, University of Turku, Finland. She received her PhD in 2017 and her
thesis was related to G protein-coupled receptors (specifically alpha2-adrenoceptors)
and the regulation of vascular smooth muscle contraction and proliferation.
During her doctoral studies, she held a position in the national Drug Research
Doctoral Program, DRDP (former FinPharma Doctoral Program – Drug Discovery,
FPDP-D and Drug Discovery Graduate School, DDGS). Anna received her Master of
Science (Technology) degree in Applied Microbiology and Bioprocess Technology
in 2002 from the Helsinki University of Technology (present Aalto University).

15 years of research experience both in the pharma industry and in the

Areas of expertise include:

– Pharmacology, specifically cardiovascular pharmacology
– G protein-coupled receptors
– Regulation of vascular smooth muscle cells (contraction, proliferation, differentiation)
– Mammalian cell culture
– Development and validation of cell-based assays and ligand binding assays
– Scientific writing
– Teaching

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